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Why choose us for LED wall screen rental?

LED Grid specializes in professional and show-quality LED wall display rental. All our LED wall packages come with an elite team of licensed engineers and technicians.

Our LED screens will bring any event to new heights. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, concert, conference, speaking event, trade show, and more, we will deliver the best LED video screen rental.

Our professional AV team will make a big difference in your event. We deliver, install, operate, and break down the entire rental, so you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects.

You’ll enjoy world-class LED screens at a very competitive price. No need to wonder if you can afford upscale LED walls. Call us and we will customize a rental to match your budget!

Why rent LED screens for your event?

LED screen wall rental is perfect for any venue and weather. It retains high visibility and contrast when placed under strong ambient light. It will ensure that your audience will be immersed in your messaging, whether it rains or shines.

Our LED wall rental is also perfect for a large audience. Unlike typical projectors, LED walls have excellent viewing quality at every angle and distance.

All our indoor, outdoor, mobile, and giant LED walls are customizable to your liking. We can configure it into different shapes, screen sizes, and pixel pitches.



Outdoor LED screen rental

Are you hosting an outdoor movie screening? An outdoor LED display rental will ensure the best viewing experience.

An outdoor LED screen is the best option, whether it’s a movie night or daytime screening.

Unlike regular TV screens, our LED walls have 5,000 to 8,000 nits of brightness. This guarantees high visibility even under bright sunlight.

Indoor LED screen rental

An indoor rental LED display will make your event stand out from the competition. A LED wall will make your trade show, conference, or even a small party more interesting to your guests.

You can choose from 500 nits of brightness and up. It depends on the viewing distance and ambient lighting of your indoor venue.

Our cutting-edge LED screen technology comes with a fully insured and licensed tech team. We can also provide live streaming and real-time video rendering for your event.

Mobile LED screen rental

Our mobile LED rental offers flexibility for your event. We install the screen on wheels or mount it on your trailer truck. Our team can place it anywhere you like.

Mobile LED screens are also more cost-effective and perfect for intimate events.

Giant LED screen rental

Our large LED screen rental will ensure that your audience will never miss a moment. It will deliver an unforgettable experience and unmatched viewing quality.

Don’t let the giant size intimidate you! Our in-house technicians will handle everything from delivery to breakdown, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Marketing Events

Video Production

Virtual/Hybrid Events

Product Launches

Corporate Events

Trade Shows

Grand Openings

Concert Stage


Birthday Parties

Fashion Runways

Religious Events

How does a LED wall work?

A LED video wall is made up of multiple, interconnected panels to create an entire screen.

Each panel is made of individual light-emitting diodes. These diodes are clustered in different densities, which is called pixel pitch.

Each LED panel emits 3 light colors: blue, red, and green. These create an infinite range of colors that you will see as the final image.

Choose Your LED Video Wall Rental Based On The Event Type

LED Grid provides LED video wall rentals for many types of events, such as the following:

Video production

LED walls are the gold standard for video production across any type of content.

We recommend a pixel pitch of at least 2.6 mm for LED walls to be used as backgrounds for your shoot. It looks great on camera and you’ll capture excellent image resolution.

Weddings and birthday parties

LED walls will be the life of the party on birthdays and weddings! You can use it to play live event videos, photo slideshows, and more. You can also use it as a backdrop for the main event and as a disco wall for the after-party.

Any celebration becomes more unforgettable with the addition of LED screens. Your guests will be impressed by the sophisticated and upscale displays.

Conferences and forums

High-quality LED wall rental will ensure the success of your conference, forum, or seminar. It will increase engagement among your attendees, no matter the size of the event.

LED screens offer top-notch image quality. All your attendees will see your presentation clearly from various distances and angles. This promotes better collaboration and interaction during your event.

We have worked on both small and large conferences where we delivered full event production and support. Yours will be our next successful project.

Trade shows

Make your trade show booth stand out with a LED wall setup. It will capture the attention of guests, which will boost your brand’s exposure.

LED walls are visually engaging, which will draw more attendees to your booth. Whether you need a mounted, standalone, or mobile LED wall, we will make it happen.



Jason Foster


Our original LED provider canceled on us but LED Grid saved the day! Their team was able to deliver a giant LED wall last minute. Their manager was very patient with us and made sure that nothing is overlooked.

Louanne Jacoby


Their sales manager called us immediately after we sent a quote request. I also like that they explained everything to me and made sure that I’m happy with the setup. Their LED screens are world-class and have the best price.

Kelly Boyd


We used LED grid for the first time for our event and we’re impressed! Their sales manager handled everything and their team arrived prepared. They’re also flexible and managed to accommodate our requests on short notice.

Jammie Alves


We needed a giant LED wall for a private movie screening and they had everything covered. Their tech crew was amazing and set up everything ready for us. It was a rush job but they are so professional and accommodating.

Yukiko New


It’s my first time renting LED screens and their technician helped me choose the right one for my event. They also worked around my budget and everything turned out great. I love what they can do with LED screens and the price was also reasonable.

Neal Jernigan


We’ve had multiple projects with LED Grid and they always deliver. We love that the team sticks around ’til the end to make sure that our events are perfect. We always get compliments on our led walls and the team they send is always friendly and efficient.

Questions we get asked a lot

How should I choose the right pixel pitch for my rental?

The right pixel pitch for your LED wall rental depends on your needs. For example, if you need a LED screen for a large venue with a far viewing distance, a bigger pixel pitch of around 3.9 mm is recommended. 

Meanwhile, smaller venues with close viewing distances need a smaller pixel pitch of around 2.6 mm.

What else will I get from my LED screen rental?

All our LED screen rental packages are inclusive of delivery, setup, operation, and teardown. You will get a dedicated tech team during your event to ensure that your LED walls will be glitch-free. We will also customize your rental and ensure topnotch customer service.

For custom LED walls, we will provide a detailed quote complete with a breakdown of the costs. 

What is pixel pitch?

Pixel pitch or dot pitch refers to the density of LED clusters found on each panel. It’s measured in millimeters, which is the distance between each pixel center. The smaller the distance in millimeters, the higher the resolution will be. It’s because there’s less space between each pixel, which makes the image clear even when viewed at a close distance.

What is the aspect ratio?

Aspect ratio measures the proportion of the screen’s width and height. For example, a LED wall with an aspect ratio of 16:9 means that it has 16 units of width for every 9 units of height.

Do you provide weather-resistant LED walls?

We offer special outdoor LED screens that can resist winds and rains. It’s a perfect choice if your event will experience inclement weather.